Statement Of Faith

We believe in God, my Father; in His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior; and in the Holy Spirit, my Counselor. We believe that salvation by grace, through faith, in Jesus Christ is available to all as a free gift apart from works. Eph 2:8-9

We believe all people are made in the image of God, and as such have inherent worth and value. Gen 1:27 We believe God’s love is best reflected by showing love and recognizing the worth and value in all people.

We believe all people are created with a unique purpose and have specific gifts and talents. We believe God has prepared a place in Heaven for those who will place their trust in Christ, and believers are coheirs with Christ. Jn 14:2, Gal 4:7

We believe Satan exists and actively seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. We believe his schemes are ultimately thwarted through prayer and that he must flee when believers resist him in Christ’s power. He is doomed for destruction. Jn 10:10, Jas 4:7, Jn 17:12

We believe husbands and wives carry weighty responsibilities to one another and to God in a covenant relationship meant to last a lifetime. We believe children are a gift from God and are to be treasured and cared for with the utmost of value. Ps 113:9

We believe my own future family and family of origin are to be a priority in prayer and in care in God-honoring ways. Jas 5:17

We believe a home is a landing place for the family and should be an extension of God’s care. We believe a home should be a comfortable and relaxed place where family members and guests are free to be their true selves and experience a physical, emotional, and spiritual climate of comfort and growth.